Möt Anastasia Sanchez – Ny behandlare på Balance Room.

Från Januari 2020 kan du boka Totum-elevbehandling hos Anastasia torsdags kväller. Anastasia är elev på Totum – skola för kroppsterapi i Köpenhamn, men har precis flyttat till Malmö. Då Anastasia är från Frankrike, behandlar hun på Engelska och Franska.
“I was born in the southern part of France but I have lived abroad most of my adult life.
In 2011, I moved to Victoria, on Vancouver Island in Canada where I started tai chi, learning about Chinese medicine and the benefit of the plants. I also went to see an acupuncturist for the first time.
My life over there was an eye opening experience.
I was fascinated by this new perspective of seeing the body and the life in general.
Then I started to believe in the term ” school of Life” and decided to travel the world to learn about me, about the life to figure out what was my purpose.
I see the body as a vehicle that help us to go from a point A to a point B. Emotions, feelings and sensation are just some indications along the way to help us to understand where we should go.
This is why, I decided to study Bodytherapy at Totum in Copenhagen to continue to understand the body and help people who needs to balance their mind with their body to experience their life fully.
I practice yin yoga during fall and winter and j like practicing hip hop yoga during spring and summer.”
Vi ser fram emot att få Anastasia som vår nya kollega från Januari.