BALANCE – Ny online kurs med Jenny Viktorsson

What does it mean to live in balance? What does it mean to live your life more wholeheartedly? All work and no play?

These are some of the questions we are going to look into in this 6-week course of BALANCE.

A balanced lifestyle gives you time and space for more than just work and stress your way through life. 

Balance through connection with both the mind-thoughts as well as your heart and emotions.

Balancing your yin-yang energy realizing that we are both of masculine and feminine energies and learning how to connect with both and when and how to use these amazing qualities. 

Balance through yoga, pranayama-breathwork, mantras and meditation. 

This will be a fusion of practices that I have put together from different trainings, courses and yoga styles that I have come across over the last 15 years. It will give you some keys to live your life more fully and in a more balanced way.

  • 1 Lecture
  • 1 yoga practice 
  • 1 breathing technique 
  • 1 workbook  
  • 1 meditation practice

BALANCE begins on January 24th – sign up before Christmas and save 25%.
Use the code SHAKTI when you sign out 
– Ordinary price 1250 SEK (incl. 6% VAT) 


  • The material is recorded for you to use at any time and as many times you please. 
  • This course is for all levels and for everyone who is looking for tools and practices to live in more balance. 

“To get a change – something needs to change.”

Often, we know something is off and needs to change but sometimes it is hard to know where to start and it can get a bit overwhelming and often what happens is that nothing happens. With this course it is my aim to give you some keys and practice for you to come back to you and your own powerful wisdom within. YOU have the answers, YOU know the way.  Sometimes all we need is a little help and reminder to find our way back to health, balance, love, joy, happiness, fun…

I am so happy and excited to offer this course to you and welcome you wholeheartedly to this journey together!

With Love/ Jenny Shakti

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